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Why do I have to speak to you in English?

Two weeks into my "triumphant" return to the classroom as a teacher and not as a teacher trainer or coach, I found my classroom management skills "challenged" by my teen students. 
Working in a learning context in which English should be the medium of communication in every possible moment of the lesson, my responsibility is to ensure that students get meaningful and engaging opportunities to use the language so that their communication and oral skills are up to par. This is what we teachers, educators, coordinators have established as the modus operandi; the problems is we forget to check with the most important stakeholder - the student. Most of our Brazilian learners in language center contexts buy into the idea of speaking in English although they all share the same first language, probably driven by the belief that practice makes perfect and the only way you can master another language is by using it as much as possible. The principle applies to many other situ…