No? Not!

I came across a sign yesterday that read


This reminded of a common mixup students make regarding the two negative particles. Some say things "no the person" or "no have the time". Now the writing above was another example of ow students can fall into the trap of thinking they are used in the same way. Well's here to it with a short visual representation: 


No is always followed by a NOUN, countable or uncountable. In the case of countable, the noun comes in the plural

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When we come across a NOUN PHRASE (ARTICLE + NOUN/DETERMINER +NOUN) or a reduced or complete clause, we use NOT:

Related image

Related image

So what logic applies to the use of "NO" IN BOB MARLEY'S "No woman no cry"?  It's an imperative use and in Jamaican patois, speakers deliberately broke the "standard forms" set by the British at the time as a sign of national and linguistici identity.

So, what's your motto for life ahead? Mine is something like:

No mistake, no growth
Not for the prize, but for the journey!



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