When the Box is a Good thing

Loose translation: Not to be sold out of the box

"The box" has become synonymous with something traditional or old-fashioned, representing the status quo or an age-old, undisputed ideal. It is seen as the buzzkill to innovative practice or critical thinking, limiting us to pre-established models that seem unable to meet the needs of a society under constant change. 

The info on the box in the image, got me thinking as to the importance of the "box" in our lives. Here, it guarantees the quality of a given product and makes the user aware of what they should pay attention to and demand from the manufacturer. It represents the paradigm, the benchmark, the theoretical and practical frameworks needed to validate research and foster new ideas. Thus the importance of grounding our work in set theory and tested research. 

Without the box, there is no thinking; in or out of it. 


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