Music makes us react

Just watched teenagers reacting to a sequence of Bon Jovi songs. Most of them had never heard of the band before, so they were extremely candid and respectful in their views all the same.
What is fantastic about the idea of creating a channel like Teen React is it gives us language teachers to let students engage with the music in a real way - not focusing on listening skills or opportunities to learn grammar and vocanulvoc. Music makes us feel something, each in our own manner. 
Another great lesson for us teachers is that we don't need to ALWAYS use songs that students know to get them involved. Being presented trivia about something you are not familiar with is the perfect hook for any student with a grain of curiof curiosity. 
Finally, maybe there should be an Adults React channel so older folks can listen unbiasedly to the music that boosts their attention and commitment of our young ones whose tastes mean new names but same emotional reactions.


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