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Desirable difficulties and Project-Based Learning

Three weeks ago, I talked about the core elements of PBL and showcased what has been happening in +André Hedlund classes at CCBEU in Goiania. 
This time, I want to look at some challenges that are inherent to PBL, the first being that most teachers are reluctant to implementing any kind of project in their teaching. 
Is it because of our content-based mind-set to teaching or is it because it means stepping out of our comfort zone?
Embracing PBL seems to be the only way to go for the future of teaching and learning, though it seems a distant future for the Brazilian educational system. What validates a shift in practice and in thinking of course is the data that can prove we learn more by doing and showing evidence of what we learnt, pillars of an educational portfolio. 
This is something +André Hedlundhas been investigating in his classes - 78% of his students have been able to improve maintain or better their grades due to PBL. Satisfaction surveys conducted with his groups at CCBEU and…