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Two weeks ago when my daughter turned 18, I thought I could reach out to my #PLN and ask them to share what life was like when they were 18. This could serve as useful advice to hand down to her - something that no one can take away from you as is often said. So here are the tweets some of my online colleagues kindly shared with me. By sharing them here, hopefully more and more people can benefit from this wisdom. #wheniwas18 I was taking 5 undergrad courses at McGill Univ while working 30 hours a week as a receptionist 👊🏼👍🏼— Zohrin Mawji (@ZohrinM) August 7, 2016I had completed first year college😊— Barbara Cotter (@BcCotter) August 7, 2016@stephwurking#wheniwas18 I was old enough to drink legally & was anxious to get out on my own.(turns out that is much harder than it looks)— Julie Szaj (@shyj) August 6, 2016@stephwurking#wheniwas18 I knew everything. I realized that the older I got, the less I knew.— Don Eckert (@dayan…