Wednesday, May 13, 2015


How many similar words can you think of for the word "gate"? Add to this list. 

  • hallway
  • portal
  • portico
  • _______
  • _______
  • _______
Did you know that Americans use gate as a suffix to refer to a political scandal or some kind of wrongdoing? We have Richard Nixon and Watergate to thank for that. 

In recent history, many scandals or controversial events have received the suffix -gate. Here are a few.  Match each with one of the scandals below. 

Former US president Bill Clinton 

Governor candidate Charlei Crist 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Jimmy Carter and Billy Carter

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady
  1. Billygate
  2. Fangate
  3. Deflategate
  4. Troopergate
  5. Bridgegate

So, can you think of any local or national scandal that deserves tthe suffix -gate? Why/Why not?