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Greetings, Earthlings! It's Earth Day!

We live here, so it's our job to take care of our home. What we do to make the Earth a better place for all of us is like nothing on earth. What on Earth are you doing about it, really? #EarthDayEveryDay#EarthDay2015
— Stephan Hughes (@defstef98) April 22, 2015
INFOGRAPHIC: Be Active Your Way On Earth Day— (@MyPlate) 22 abril 2015

On my own time VS In my own time

Let's explore the difference in meaning between two prepositional phrases, on my own time and in my own time. 
If I do things on my own time, it means I do things when it's convenient or when I feel like doing them.

If I do things in my own time, however, is because I have my own pace at which I do things. This pace might be slower than the majority, but it's comfortable for me.

What would each person say in the following situations?

A husband responding to his wife whmao complains he never helps with the houseworkA student who is usually the last to complete an exercise in class.A liberal professional explaining why they didn't keep the original deadline to deliver a product.A teacher telling their students why they haven't returned written exercises they were supposed to correct two weeks ago.
Your to-do task: Think of other situations in which people would say the target sentences.

It only hurts when it hits your pocket

As citizens we are expected to be responsible and contribute to the better good of the community to which we belong. Using common basic services - water and electrical energy, for example - frugally, is one way we act responsibly. The recent water shortages here in Brazil, and subsequently, use of geothermal plants to produce electrical energy have sent electricity bills through the roof and residents have woken up to the harsh reality: it's either you cut down on consumption or you pay three times more at the end of the month. The result, according to Brazilian news reports, is that both industrial and domestic energy consumption has registered a drop for the first time in six years. The situation of course reminds us of part of the song performed by Passenger: Is being more frugal in water and energy use more motivated by a feeling of civic responsibility or a self interest in spending less every month?