Make believe it's your first time

How do you keep the fire of your passion burning?~

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In a society where individuals are literally summoned to find or to have a passion (who has never been asked "What's your passion?"), little room has been given to talk about the challenge of keeping the passion alive. 

Probably the best way to do that is to do whatever you do as if it were the first time. There is usually something magical and at the same time petrifying about a first time experience, but what moves us is the almost uncontrollable desire to get things right, to meet expectations (ours and of others), to rock the show, to bring the house down, to hit the ball out of the park, to sweep others off their feet. I can go on and on with idioms about causing a good impression. 

If we can call up our memory of that first time we did something, we can do that job again and again with nearly the same enthusiasm and gusto from way back then.

How else can we keep the fire of our passions burning? 


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