Thursday, August 13, 2015

Feed me back, feed me back

Feed me back, feed me back 
Don't keep it away from me because 
You don't know... 
What it means to me 

 In virtually every stage of our lives, we have to be evaluated on our performance in a given situation. This evaluation comes in what we know almost universally as FEEDBACK. The problem of words like that is they become "buzzwords", often ending up as clichés. The word is used over and over so many times that the original meaning gets lost or diluted. 

Knowing what Feedback is (let's see how many times I am going to use the word here) might help us give it more effectively, and consequently, might aid those on the receiving end to take it for what it is - an assessment based on some kind of criteria - subjective or objective. 

While reading a leaflet about professional development courses in Portuguese, I cam across a "translation" of Feedback that woke me up to a better understanding of the concept

Acompanhamento e parecer sobre o desempenho de aprendizes 

Translating back into English, it is the acompaniment and report on the performance of learners. In order to give good Feedback, we have to accompany the process that leads to the final result and we have provide a detailed report on the performance. Feedback has to be clear and precise and based on pre-determined criteria that both assessor and assessee have agreed on or are familiar with. 

So how does Feedback translate in other languages?

In French - retour, remarques, réactions, impressions

In Spanish - retroalimentación, acople (like the sound from a loudspeaker), crítica (constructive criticism)

In German - Reaktion

In Italian - Retroazione

All of this to get back to my original point - feedback is constructive, grounded and precise evaluation of someone's performance. It should be clear and engligtening - for the one giving it and the one receiving it, so that steps can be taken to improve. This goes for any situation in life - not just at work or school. 

So, you probably know how I am going to end this post: by asking for feedback, if you care.

If you get to the end of the text and pass it on, I already greatly appreciate it. 

P.S. How do you say FEEDBACK in your language?

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