On my own time VS In my own time

Let's explore the difference in meaning between two prepositional phrases, on my own time and in my own time. 

If I do things on my own time, it means I do things when it's convenient or when I feel like doing them.

If I do things in my own time, however, is because I have my own pace at which I do things. This pace might be slower than the majority, but it's comfortable for me.

What would each person say in the following situations?

  1. A husband responding to his wife whmao complains he never helps with the housework
  2. A student who is usually the last to complete an exercise in class.
  3. A liberal professional explaining why they didn't keep the original deadline to deliver a product.
  4. A teacher telling their students why they haven't returned written exercises they were supposed to correct two weeks ago.

Your to-do task: Think of other situations in which people would say the target sentences.


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