Sunday, March 8, 2015

A word so sweet

How many ways can you use the word "sugar" in a sentence?

First think of the meaning: other than a white sweetening substance, what else can the word refer to?

Here are some hints: 
  • An affectionate name for a loved one 
  • Caress or tenderness 
  • A susbstance to give you a boost of energy 
  • Sexual relations negotiated between "provider" and "client"
Use the word "sugar" in the sentences below and see if they make sense:
  1. Hey ..........., how have you been? Missed me?
  2. Who's my baby? Who's my sweeetheart? Come here and give me some ............
  3. I'm feeling a little weak. My energy is on a low - I think I need some ........... before I faint.
  4. It's not easy being a sex professional and having to work for a .............daddy.
What other words could you use instead of Sugar in the examples above?

Now enjoy this song by Maroon 5. What meaning of "sugar" do they use in the clip?

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