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The 6 low moments of learning a language

The six low moments of learning a language

Your pronunciation will sound hilarious; you will mistranslate and use the language inappropriately. During an English conversation exchange, a Mexican student translated the Spanish term for “manual labour” directly into the immortal sentence, “hand jobs are getting cheaper”. Moments later an American classmate tried to complain that she was hot. Unfortunately,estoy caliente means “I’m horny”, or “I’m sexually stimulated.”
You might participate in conversations that go faster than your brain You understand what’s being said, and you want to join in – but by the time you formulate a sentence that sounds natural, the conversation has moved on. The best way to get around this is to ask questions to show that you are following the conversation.
Talking on the phone for the first time Remember that 10% of communication is verbal so understanding someone on the phone becomes more difficult, especially if in another language. So, it’s not a sin to ask f…