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What's the word?

What do these three sentences have in common?

The ex-president offered to broker the contract between the two companies.For more information, consult your travel agent or insurance broker.The communist party emerged as a power broker despite their loss of seven seats in the senate in the recent elections.

ANSWER: They all use the word broker. In language, the same word can be used in different ways and have different meanings. 
To be a proficient user of a language means is to know how to use a word in diverse contexts, often with diverse meanings. 
Here are some more examples. Do you know the missing words?

Word #2 We are unable to increase salaries in the current economic .......... The ......... of opinion is slowly changing about the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. President Bush suggested an international meeting at the White House next spring of scientific, economic and environmental officials to discuss responses to global ........ changes.
Word #3 This week we’ll be expe…