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I came across the word in a blog post today:
The blogger in question, Craig Kemp (@mrkempnz), used it like this:
I told her to provide me with feedback however she would like, the only rules are, be honest and give me some 'feed-forward'. So off she went with a smile on her face, ready tocriticallyanalyse her teacher.
For more on Craig's blog, go here.

It got me to really understand what they mean by feedforward and how different it is from the omnipresent feedback
Feedback diagnoses how well or how poorly someone has achieved a task.
Feedfoward outlines what someone should achieve at the end of the process.

Still eager to get more insight on the concept, I found this definition in the Business Dictionary (after failed searches in other online dictionaries):

Reverse of a feedback, it is the 'self-fulfilling prophesy' process that turns logical cause-effect relationshipsupside down.
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