Thursday, August 7, 2014

Business is (or can be) social

Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is what we can call a real "down-to-earth" person.

In this video (same video - one with English subtitles and the second with Portuguese subtitiles), he talks about he struck a deal with Danone to address the problem of malnutition in Bangladesh.

As you watch, consider the following questions:

From 0:00 - 1:28 

  1. Was the meeting planned?
  2. Why did he want to make a partnership with Danone?
  3. Why did he think the idea would work? 

From 1:29 - 2:39

  1. What is a social business?
  2. Why did he think Danone's chairman misunderstood his English?
  3. How did he make sure the chairman understood?

From 2:40 - 3:30

  1. How did his initiative help people who used to be beggars?

From 3:41 - onwards

  1. What's the difference between charity and a social business? 

Are there projects like these in your country? How viable would they be?