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Practicing - Writing with the lyrics of a song

Here's a new way to look at the lyrics of a song:

A song is like an expository or argumentative essay: it has a thesis statement, topic sentences, supporting statements and a conclusion.

We've all had to write an essay sometime in our lives, but let's look at an example here

But what do the terms above mean? Match the term to the definition. 

ConclusionSupporting argumentsThesis statementTopic sentence
A sentence or group of sentences that provide examples to confirm the idea of a paragraphThe part that summarizes for the readers the thesis statement and the arguments you presentedThe sentence or two that contain the focus of a text and tells the reader what the essay is going to be aboutThe sentence that helps the reader better understand the idea of the paragraph
Now read the lyrics and listen to the song. When you are finished, complete the chart. Parts of the song may be used more than once. 

Thesis statement

Argument 1(Topic sentence 1) Supporting sentences

Argument 2…