Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thing - another multipurpose word

The word "thing" or "thingy" can be used to replace any word, especially when you don't remember how to say something.

It can even be a verb. What do you think it means in the sentence below?

He keeps thinging me and gettting on my nerves. He's never satisfied with anything I do!

Penny, from TBBT, is famous for using it.

Do I have to eat this thingy?

Look at some sentences here with the word "thing. 

Use the words below here to match with the word or expression with "thing" (in bold)

Word - Sex - Chance - Extramarital romance - Action - Affair- Synchronism - To tell you the truth - The only and legitimate one - Listen up

Girls, you know you better watch out,
Some guys, some guys are only about 
That thing, that thing, that thing

It's your thing. Do what you wanna do

Me and Mrs. Jones, we've got a thing going on

We've got a good thing going
Do the right thing!

Aint' nothin but the real thing

Can I say a thing or two?

Here's the thing, we have to keep this information to ourselves  

You would't understand. It's a girl thing

Why didn't you invite me? 
The thing is, I didn't think you wanted to come along