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Showing posts from March 23, 2014

Really? Really?

Confusing someone with someone else is perfectly normal. 
Or is it?
In this recent interview, a reporter mistakes actor Samuel L. Jackson for actor Laurence Fishburne. Jackson's reaction goes from sarcastic to vindicative as he cannot understand how a media professional could commit such a gaffe. 
Notice how he uses intonation to show sarcasm

Another interesting thing about the video is the use of the word "really". When Jackson says it twice at the end of the video, is he ....
a) expressing shock b) showing disapproval c) confirming information d) showing contempt
Really could be substituted by words or phrases like:
Are you kidding? Are you for real?
Can you think of any other?

How about you: have you ever mistaken someone for someone else? Tell us what happened. 

PS: If you want to see the entire video, go here.