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Small talk

How important is small talk?

Mark Yes, No or Maybe for the sentences below:

I always try to start a conversation with people I don't know in the elevator?The silence in the elevator doesn't bother me.It's good to have someone to break the ice in the elevator.

Higher Ground

Can you do what you do in  a better way? This song by Stevie Wonder inspires people to keep doing what they do, but go beyond what is expected.

Are you a ...

a soldier?a sleeper?a teacher?a believer?a lover?a power?

According to the song, what does each of them do?

What in your opinion should we always keep on doing?

What collocates with "collocate"?

If you are an intermediate language learner or above, you have probably heard of them.

Basically, it is a combination of words that always go together and sound so naturally, that we understand them as just a block or chunk,

In order, we are talking about what word goes with what. In the case of verbs like DO, MAKE and HAVE, we can get

Going back to the question in the title of this post, the word "collocate" is normally used intransitively:

Make and decision COLLOCATE or Make COLLOCATES WITH decision.

Learning resources, from dictionaries to vocabulary books, promise this at least:

Fact of the matter is You have to develop an eye for it, get a knack for how proficient speakers of English use the language and put words together. This could be the way to fluency in the language.

Be on the lookout! By the way, did you happen to find any in this blog post?