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Language learning - Making adults communicative learners

Making adults communicative learners
Adults are meta-learners. In an age in which how we learn is probably as important as or more important than what we learn, adults have many characteristics in their favor: ·They are self-driven ·They possess a reservoir of life experiences - achievements and failures ·They are problem-oriented ·They are eager to plan and design how they can be evaluated
Adult learning therefore is often grounded in two areas of theory: Andragogy and Heutagogy; in short, self-directed learning and self-determined learning. More reading on the topic can be found here and here.

With the extensive use of social media for learning, peer learning has also grown in popularity, despite being around all along. But now we talk of a determined and negotiated effort of a group of learners to acquire knowledge together, to share what they know and add more to that previous knowledge. The term peeragogy now features in online learning for students of any age.

To a certain extent, the…

No time for . . .

Time is money.

Time is precious.

Time flies.

Time is a commodity.

Time is the one thing everyone complains they DON'T have.

In an article published in a Brazilian news magazine about innovative ideas, the columnist champions an app that wins us back the time for some really simple things:

Time for 

Listening (to loved ones, colleagues, boss, neighbor, friends, or just the stranger on the street)Reading (even that very long e-mail)Making love (without having to answer a call or text a message in the middle of it)Thinking (twice before doing things)Meeting (real friends, not followers)Enjoying things (that includes reading what the person has posted before LIKING on Facebook)Having real holidays (without spending most of the time posting and talking about what you, your kids, or your dogs are doing)Eating (without typing or watching the mobile device)Breathing (this might cure a lot of trouble and strife)Taking care of your health (without feeling guilty for doing something your body and m…