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Get your Word'sworth

So, from the beginning ..

They say a man is as good as his word. But words can be empty and used just to please.

We all complain that we can't take people for their word anymore. This has always been the case, mind you. As King Solomon in Ecclesiastes says "there's nothing new under the sun". 

A word only has the meaning we give to it - what it originally represents (DENOTATION) and what it subjectively implies (CONNOTATION).

If we don't keep our promises or change our intended plans, we can be accused of going back on our word. In other words, we can be accused of RENEGING.

Even the most eloquent speaker can find themselves lost for words, it all depends on the 
situation and the audience.

If your boss says they want to have a word with you, it doesn't necessarily mean bad news. 

It doesn't cost us anything to offer a kind word to someone in need, although sometimes this person may need more than words.

Putting in a good word for a friend or relative is not nec…