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Faith is not what you see but what you feel

The World Youth Day 2013 draws to a close and the reflections on the messages and lessons divulged are inevitable - no matter your religion, belief or denomination.

The enthusiasm and vigor shown by the participants, a.k.a. pilgrims, are the purest messages anyone who believes in their cause, who believe in what they stand for, can take with them as an example. 

This faith transcends religion and all spiritual issues - it is about our human existence as a whole. The concept of faith is often translated to many words or similar concepts: passion, love, motivation, drive, ideal.    

To summarize my words into images, I chose these two pictures below. 

A mega mass to serve a mass of people hungry and thirsty for what they believe in. 

A fusion of two seas - the blue sea to the left and the multicolored sea of people.