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Have a think

I often hear that the Brazilian people are easily manipulated because they are unable to think for themselves.

Recent history shows otherwise.

In 1968, the young people thought ahead of themselves and voiced their disapproval of the dictatorship regime

Roughly 30 years ago the Brazilian population took to the streets demanding the right to vote.

They then thought things over and decided Fernando Collor de Mello couldn't stay in power.

In the last two weeks or so, the nation realized that they can no longer think their problems away.

For those who believed it was a simple dissatisfaction with the increase in bus and subway fares, they had to think again.

The authorities were shaken into reality, as their constituents made it clear how little they thought of their leaders and of their actions.

Now these leaders are having to think twice about their next moves.

Great minds think alike, but unfortunately some seemed unable of such grandeur.

It is hard to think straight in the middle of a crow…