Thursday, June 13, 2013

No mistake should be ignored

Language is a means for communication

If you really believe that, then how do you feel about being corrected all the time when you speak or write?

When we learn a foreign language in a formal context, though, we TEND to learn it ACCURATELY. There is an embedded concern with saying it appropriately and accurately. So, our teacher is supposed to constantly correct us so that our mistakes don't become really bad habits.

A Brazilian language school, in a drive to get teen students engaged in their learning, has created a project called CELEB COPS. The aim is for students to find errors in their favorite celebrities' tweets and write to these public figures, giving a heads up on the "errors" made.

It is probably great because it raises students' awareness of language, but I can't help but wondering how I would feel if, in a real life situation, everytime I tweeted something, someone would "kindly" let me know that I made a boo-boo.


For more on the project, take a look here.

Do you think this is something the school should cop out from encouraging?