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Increase the corpus

In honor of the religious holiday Corpus Christi, this post is all about the word "corpus".

A corpus, apart from meaning a human body, can be any compilation or collection of elements related to a specific area of study. 
If we think of it that way, the Internet is one mega corpus of knowledge.
Search engines like Google and Bing are enormous corpora (yeah the plural of corpus is corpora)
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media are all corpora in their own right. 
Dictionaries are corpora of the words that make part of a language. 
Language academics make corpora of sources of spoken and written language. This data is what informs lexicographers to decide what words to go in a dictionary.
In short, the types of corpus are numerous:
an academic corpus a legal corpus a scientific corpus a media corpus
Can you think any others?
If you are learning another language, the vocabulary you know how to use efficiently becomes your ....     

But they're just words.

What you do with the…