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In the way

How would you complete the speech bubble?

Some expressions or ways of saying things in a language can be hard to interpret off the bat:

Imagine the situation:

You show up at a friend's place for lunch a little after the time agreed on, but they are still running late. They are in the middle of cleaning and tidying the apartment. How would you complete the sentence below?

Let me come back in half an hour. I don't want to ....

Your boss asks you to help a new colleague adapt to the company by showing them how the processes work  and what they have to do. All your project deadlines have been pushed back to the week after, What does your boss tell you?

Taking the new guy around is not going to .... of your work. When you are finished showing them around, you can leave. 

A CEO is announcing to his board of directors that some job cuts will be necessary in several sectors. He advises them that they have to be cold about dismissing some of their best and trusted workers. 

You can't let…