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Losing your ass - phrasal verbs

Just in!

Among the many meaning of the particle "off", one that is used to express non-existence, ineffectiveness, physical discomfort or loss.

Watch part of an interview of two female actors from the TV series Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie to answer the following questions:

Which of the two has worked on more sets?Where are the sets located?Who seems to be enjoying working in that particular set more?What verbs do they use to describe their experience on the set? What do the verbs have in common?

Of the meanings mentioned above for the particle "off", which applies to how it is used in the video?
One more thing to think about: sometimes with phrasal verbs, the verb can express the way something is done and the particle expresses the idea of the action. 
If that is the case, we could rephrase the actresses' sentences above:
a. I'm losing my butt from the heat/from the cold b. My butt is getting scorched/frozen Which of the three ways do you think s…