Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Small talk

How important is small talk?

Mark Yes, No or Maybe for the sentences below:

  • I always try to start a conversation with people I don't know in the elevator?
  • The silence in the elevator doesn't bother me.
  • It's good to have someone to break the ice in the elevator.

This commercial makes a comparison between that special icebreaker person and a great fizzy drink that is supposed to give you a "lift". (Did you get the pun?)

The great thing about the ad is that it could be a guide as to how or how not to behave in the elevator.

Before you watch, what word do we use to talk about the time we spend in the elevator to go up or down from floors? An elevator trip? Watch to get the answer to the question above and to these:

  • What are the three topics small talk Tony mention?
  • Which of them do you find appropriate or inappropriate?

Do people like small talk Tony exist? How do you react to people like him?

Have any funny or awkward situations happened to you in the elevator because of small talk? Share them with us.

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