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Mayday! Mayday! My pronunciation is sinking!

How important is pronunciation in speaking a language? Ask the coast guard in the video below:

Have you ever felt frustrated of not being able to communicate your thoughts simply because you couldn't pronounce words correctly?

Do you agree that a person is judged by the words they choose and how they use them? In other words, do you believe a person is how they speak?

To work on pronunciation means to work on THREE main areas:

Individual sounds e.g. is it "think" or "sink", "chin" or "shin"?Word stress e.g. de-VE-lop-ment or -de-ve-LOP-ment?Intonation e.g. how do native speakers produce an affirmative sentence?

When do you know that you have mispronounced a word? Choose as many answers as you like:

when someone else says it differently?when a person says they don't understand?when a person gives an illogical response?when you read the phonetic transcription in a dictionary?
Reaching a near-native accent can be a Mission Impossible for many peop…