Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dreams - Part 2 - Are you a Cassandra?

Just in!

Can a DREAM become a nightmare? The movie Cassandra's Dream shows just that: what looks like a DREAM opportunity can turn out to be a moral and physical disaster.

In fact, the word DREAM is repeated several times in the movie. Here are some:

I feel like suddenly I'm in a DREAM
I feel like I'm in a DREAM
I DREAMED about the boys last night

But why, the name "Cassandra"? The name is of a Trojan priestess who had the gift of prophesy, of predicting the future in her DREAMS. She foresaw the destruction of Troy, but nobody listened to her. Nowadays we call a person who prophesies doom or disaster a "Cassandra".

The movie leaves us with TWO basic questions: 

HOW FAR would you go to fulfill your DREAMS? 

Would you kill in the name of a DREAM?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dreams - Part 1

Just in!

This week, let's talk about DREAMS! After all, what would life be like without Dreams?



Everyone thinks about having these things - a DREAM home, a DREAM job, a DREAM partner, a DREAM vacation.

We could also talk about the vacation of our DREAMS, the person of our DREAMS, the job of our DREAMS, the home of our DREAMS.

Which do you usually DREAM about?