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Dreams - Part 2 - Are you a Cassandra?

Just in!

Can a DREAM become a nightmare? The movie Cassandra's Dream shows just that: what looks like a DREAM opportunity can turn out to be a moral and physical disaster.

In fact, the word DREAM is repeated several times in the movie. Here are some:

I feel like suddenly I'm in a DREAM
I feel like I'm in a DREAM
I DREAMED about the boys last night

But why, the name "Cassandra"? The name is of a Trojan priestess who had the gift of prophesy, of predicting the future in her DREAMS. She foresaw the destruction of Troy, but nobody listened to her. Nowadays we call a person who prophesies doom or disaster a "Cassandra".

The movie leaves us with TWO basic questions: 

HOW FAR would you go to fulfill your DREAMS? 

Would you kill in the name of a DREAM?