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An act of kindness - the conclusion

Here is the second part of Juliana's story:

At the airline counter, I opened my wallet to get my ID. It was not there. I searched one more time. Nothing. I had lost my wallet with my documents, credit cards and money. “You will not be allowed to board without your ID”, said the clerk. Tears were just about to roll down my face, but I was stronger. I had to act. My friend said: “We must go to the police office. Maybe they will let you board with a ‘B.O.’” We ran a lot, looking for the office. We found it, it was closed. At that time I had already accepted the fact that I had to stay there for a couple of days until I could get a document that permitted me to travel, my mate would lend me some money… Suddenly, I hard an announcement: “Ms. Juliana dos Santos Silva, please report to the Infraero counter, please”. The best thing I had ever heard! It was my wallet!

At the Infraero counter, I was informed that a taxi driver had left my wallet there as soon as he realized I had forgotten it…