Saturday, August 11, 2012

Acts of kindness - story #1

What does a wallet, a taxi driver, traffic jam and an airport all have in common?

This post aims to promote story telling and writing skills. The first main topic: TALKING ABOUT ACTS OF KINDESS.

This first one, is a story told by one of my students. Here's the first part of what happened to her:

It happened last November. My friend Moises and I went on a weekend getaway to Minas Gerais. Our aim was to visit Inhotim, a contemporary art museum and botanical garden at Brumadinho, a tiny town next to Belo Horizonte. It is an amazing place. Loads of fantastic artworks exhibited in galleries beautifully positioned in landscape, not to mention the outdoor sculptures. I highly recommend this visit – we had such a great time there.

We enjoyed the place so much that we decided to go there on both days, although there was risk of getting late on our way back home. The bus leaves Inhotim at 5 pm and it takes at about one hour to get to the Belo Horizonte bus station. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 7.30 pm, in Confins. We thought we would be able to make it on time, so how could we predict we would get stuck in a huge traffic jam?
We arrived in Belo Horizonte at 6.40 pm. Running as fast as our legs could carry us, we could find a taxicab quickily. We were desperate. Entering the cab did not relax us. Luckily we did not get stuck in traffic this time, though we were already late. Very late. Confins is not near the Belo Horizonte downtown area and as we got to the airport we would have to go through all that process of checking in.
Finally we arrived at the airport. I had to pay R$ 90 for the ride. I took the money out of my wallet, gave it to the driver and left the car. What concerned me the most at that moment was not wasting time – running as fast as I could in order to check in and enter the plane. At the airline counter, .......

The story doesn't end here. What do you think happened next?

a) She realized she had no money
b) She realized she had lost her ID
c) She could not find her wallet