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Teachable moments

Just the other day while browsing the Twitterverse, I came across several discussions on the concept of a teachable moment. According to the fruitful discussions that occupied some of the main ELT discussion forums, a teachable moment is a time when a person seems most receptive to learning something. 

I must confess my skepticism concerning the idea because, after all, our job is to teach, any time, any place. But I was forgetting the fundamental element of the teaching-learning experience: no matter how hard I try, my efforts will be a waste of time if the conditions do not foster learning. 

In other simpler words, if the student's interest is not there in the first place, then we're just uselessly punching a knife.

So, the big questions for the teacher are: 
How to be on the lookout for these teachable moments?
How do we spark the interest in our students when it's not there naturally?
How to make the most of this moment, i.e., what are the next steps?

The last question is mos…

The origin of the word FAME

Where does the word "fame" come from? Like most words we use every day, it is named after a Greek deity.

The original Greek word "Klymenê" was transcribed to Latin as "Clymene" and then today's word "fame" (klymenos). Is this why we say that everybody has a claim to fame? Is the word "claim" also a spin-off from the Greek Goddess Klymenê?

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