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I reckon, mind you!

Being a teacher of a language that is not "yours" is always challenging. 
For starters, there is the grammar that might be a helluva lot different, which means you have to do some  reviewing of rules and concepts.
But I think the tallest order is when you have to take on idiomatic expressions or set phrases that might not even make sense to yourself, let alone the students.
Do native speakers go Scot free on that? Not really, especially if you're a "native" from other countries that are not considered the standard, and having to learn expressions that you would normally not use in your every day speech and then teach them as if they were your own.
The funny thing about it all is when my students ask me:  Is that typically British or American?Is it very common to say that?Does everybody talk like that? This brings me to two expressions that have been the talk of the teacher room for the past weeks or so: "Mind you" and "I reckon".
The second doesn&#…