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Still British or Still American? Which English?

Just in!
In the past 5 to 10 years, language specialists have been talking about other Englishes:
Australian New Zealander Scottish Irish Canadian Indian Caribbean South African Chinglish Spanglish Singlish Hinglish
And we can't forget the newest and possible the one to replace them all: GLOBAL ENGLISH
Yet, in the language classrooms in Brazil, most students still think of English in the two-way paradigm: British or American.
This video of Hugh Laurie on Ellen shows just that: most learners seem to go for one or the other.

For the subtitled version of the video in Portuguese click here.
Of course, when we have varieties of a language spoken in different countries or regions, the main differences show up in: pronunciation and vocabulary.
This most probably happens to Francophones, Hispanophones, and Lusophones coming from different countries or regions.
Which variety of English do you prefer - British or American?
Have you been exposed to other varieties of English? What was the experience like?
Can yo…