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Can adults come out to play?

"There's no point and that there doesn't have to be a point. We don't need a reason. As long as it's fun."

Prank: A trick of amusing or playful nature.

Are pranks just for kids? What about adults who love playing pranks - are they overgrown kids?

Charlie Todd, creator of the group ImprovEverywhere, raises this very important point: we all love to play games, to have fun, no matter what age we are.
In an age where flash mobs, surprise videos, tram experiences, simple yet funny Youtube videos are the norm, this video takes a look at if there should or should not be a point to a prank or to a little fun.

Are projects like these really absurd?

Where does the good healthy fun and the limit end?

Should there be a limit to what kind of pranks can be played?