Is your English going places?

"Going places" - Staring to be successful

  • "Traveling is a great way to practice my English". 
  • "The success of my language competence is directly related to the success of the person I speak to in understanding me. "

In addition to contradictory comments above, here are a few assumptions about English as an international language: 

Some people think that traveling around the world without mastering a little English is usually a disastrous experience.

So we can conclude that learning the native language they speak in South Africa, Bhutan or Zanzibar or Curacao is a waste of time.   

Dealing with different English accents is not such a big problem that most people make it to be. In most cases, speakers from different nationalities CAN understand each other and communicate in English.

Using a language is like riding a bike - you never completely forget it.

Watching a movie or TV show with or without subtitles in English makes little difference. Even English native speakers resort to subtitles or closed captions at times. 

Any other comments to add to this list?


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