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Healthy is easy

Modern society is too obsessed with being healthy. Would you agree?
What does it mean to be a healthy person?In general, a healthy person doesn't smoke, is at a healthy weight, eats healthy and exercises.How many people would really fall into this category? Would you?
But there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us.
According to specialists on the benefits of exercise in health and diseases, creating a healthylifestyle doesn't have to mean drastic changes.We are used to being sedentary and think that exercise has to be something intense for it to be effective
When we hear the word sedentary, what do we usually think of?

But sedentary simply means something that requires sitting or little activity. And today’s world, most of us spend part of our day sitting in front of a computer, netbook, or tablet, or just working at a desk.Even moderate activities like chores, gardening and walking can make a difference.Here is a list of eleven benefits physical activity provides. Use t…