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Give thanks

What's worse than showing ingratitude? Being grateful for the wrong things.As Thanksgiving is being celebrated in the US, here is a message that we should never forget:How Making a Gratitude List Can Change Your Life | Family Dynamics | LV Moms | LearnVest - Where life gets richerLists are a fundamental part of our lives - friends lists, resolutions lists, to-do lists, achievements lists, lists of bills, credit lists, vocabulary lists ...
So how can a gratitude list help us in our daily lives?
If you had to draw up a gratitude list, who would be on it?
Are you the kind of person that loves making lists? What are your favorites?
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Are you aware?

“Discrimination is Prejudice in practice” .We can combat it but by means of Laws but the prejudice itself is a matter of ideology, creeds and beliefs.
Only by means of a multicultural transformative education we can change people`s minds.How much do you know about Black Awareness in Brazil? ( extracted from Wikipedia) The Day of Black Awareness is celebrated annually on November 20 inBrazil as a day on which to reflect upon the injustices of slavery (from the first transport of African slaves to Brazil in 1594) and to celebrate the contributions to society and to the nation by Brazilian citizens of Africandescent. It takes place during the Week of Black Awareness.The day is marked on the anniversary of the death of Zumbi dos Palmares(1655-1695), the last leader of the Quilombo dos Palmares.
How important is a day like this in the world we live in today?
What does being a race or having a skin color means to you and to people in your country?
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