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The ability to never give up

Just in!

"Never give up" is probably one of the most beaten clichés we hear all the time. "Impossible is nothing", "Just do it", "You can do whatever you put your mind to" are just some that immediately come to mind.

But the story of Nick Vuijicic probably brings back meaning into the expression.

Most of the times people become role models because of what they have done, an external quality they possess (beauty or physical vigor) or how intelligent they are. Nick's simple existence - and the fact that he leads a normal life like all of us - is enough to make a him a model.

After watching a video this powerful, you can't help but think that there is nothing the human being is not able to do.
But tell us,

What special things are you able to do?Is there something you have always wanted to be able to do but never had the chance?What will you be able to do in the next five, ten, fifteen years?