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Reflexive pronouns - by themselves

Reflexive pronouns are used much less often in English than in other languages. To form them, you just have to use a possessive pronoun or an object pronoun and “self/selves”.
My + self = myself
Your + self = yourself
Him + self = himself
Her + self = herself
It + self = itself
Our + selves = ourselves
Your + selves = yourselves
Them + selves = themselves

When do we use them? Match the use with one of the sentences
(1) With reflexive verbs
(2) After a preposition
(3) To emphasize something

(a) We enjoyed ourselves this summer
(b) I don’t need any help; I’m going to finish it myself
(c) The student bought a notebook for himself with his pocket money.

In other languages there are more reflexive verbs than there are in English. This means that many speakers use reflexive pronouns in English based on their own language:
1. I get myself up, shower myself, shave myself and have breakfast before I leave for work.(*incorrect form)
I get up, shower, shave and have breakfast before I leave for work.

2. She g…