Monday, August 22, 2011

Are you an underuser?

Just in!

Most people would be able to identify the items above.

Can you compete a sentence for each item? Here is an example:

A desktop is used for editing and processing texts, watching movies, burning CDs and DVDs, downloading music, uploading photos, editing photos and videos, recording your voice, creating spreadsheets and slide presentations ... Anything else?

The short paragraph here illustrates the uncountable number functionalities each of these gadgets has, many of which we don’t know of or we have never even used.

An overwhelming majority of people today are underusers – people who have the latest technological devices but never even use them or have no idea how to use them fully.

Here is an intriguing example: recent studies have shown that most wifi networks are underutilized.

Here is another to prove the point: i-pads are being used in schools but most teachers, and subsquently students, have no idea how to really use them efficiently and their presence in the classroom has not improved or facilitated the learning process.

So, tell us:

How many of these gadgets do you have?

How do you use them?

Do you know what they can do (their functionalities)?

How essential are they to your life?

How have they changed the way you do things?

Why do most people have so many gadgets and always buy new ones?

How much are tech companies (who produce and sell these gadgets) responsible for this underuser phenomenon?