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Was Amy Winehouse a sexist or chauvinist?

In an ever-changing world, it seems useless to talk about gender roles.
But Amy Winehouse doesn't seem to think so.
Her song raises some questions that have been forgotten or given less importance:
What is the role of the man and the woman in the traditional different-sex relationship?Are these roles still clearly defined?Who is supposed to be the stronger sex in the relationship?What do we mean when we say that the woman is the fairer sex?Who is supposed to make the final decision or take the initiative in a relationship?Who wears the pants/calls the shots in the family? (who is the boss?)Who is usually responsible for what in a relationship - bills, shopping , housework etc.?
According to recent studies, though, more and more men openly admit that the woman is the one who has the last word or actively participate in all decisions related to family.
These men also admit that the woman chooses their clothes, programs their diet and takes care of the family expenses.
So is there anythin…