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What's in a Hat?

Mad Hatters: 13 Ridiculous Royal Wedding Hats
The Royal Wedding was, more than a fairy-tale story, a virtual hat parade with some of the most exotic and ridiculous hats around. Even the Mad Hatter would be in shock if he saw the hat display.
So why not use this festive occasion to learn some hat expressions?

1. Have you ever gone hat in hand to ask for donations for a charity or an NGO?

2. Do you find it easy to keep things under your hat or do you share secrets with people?

3. British people say “My hat!” to show surprise or shock at something. What do you say in the same situation?

4. When you play games like Secret Santa, do you pull names out of a hat or do you match people according to their personalities?

5. Who do you take your hat off to or tip your hat off to? What have they done to deserve your admiration or respect?

6. President Barack Obama has thrown his hat into the ring for the 2012 presidential elections. Do you think he has chance at being re-elected next year?

7. If your best…

Chernobyl goes silver

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Twenty-five years later and nuclear energy is still considered to be a vital energy source.

Despite theChernobyl disaster, people are still optimistic about this form of energy.

What, according to the video, is the real lesson of this tragedy?

The big question remains

Can nuclear power be used safely?

Easter lessons

What do Easter eggs and the tomb of Jesus Christ have in common?

When most people hear the word Easter, they automatically think of chocolate eggs, family lunches and family get-togethers.

But the eggs symbolize the victory of life over death that is represented in the Resurrection story, the Passion Jesus Christ had to go through so that the rest of humanity would not have to experience that kind of suffering.

The Easter season can teach us some simple lessons:

1. Now is the time to break out of your shell.

2. Balance is the key to happiness.

3. Make each of your tasks a masterpiece.

4. Catch the joy that is in the air

5. Love any holiday that celebrates new life or a new birth - with or without chocolate

What lessons have you learned from Easter?

Easter messages

It's Easter week! Time to do some chocolate shopping and prepare to celebrate the Holy Week.

The word cloud above shows some typical Easter messages and wishes for friends, loved ones and even strangers.

How do you wish your loved ones a happy Easter?

What's your favorite Easter message?

It's all about accents, baby!

Another great video talking about the difference between English accents - especially the two most common- British and American. American comedian Elon Gold takes a humoristic look at some peculiar things the Brits do when they speak.

Before you watch the video, answer Right or Wrong.

The Americans pronounce the "t" sound like a flap

The British always pronounce the "t" sound

The British sometimes replace the " t" sound with another sound

As you watch the video, answer these questions:

How would a Russian say this sentence?
This trafic is unbelievable

What letter do the Israelis insert in this sentence?
I want them to go to ...

How would a German say this sentence?
Weren't you the guy I saw this morning at the coffee house?

The last part of the video deals with an interesting aspect: the weird relationship each accent has with one letter.

With the Russians, it's the letter "y".

With the Isrealis, it's the letter "m".

With the G…

Is the Oxford English Dictionary too hip? OMG!

FYI, this video talks about new words that are now part of the Oxford English Dictionary.
How many ppl are familiar with these abbreviations or acronyms?
For instance, what exactly is WYSIWYG? - What You See Is What You Get
Have you ever gone shopping and seen a sign BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free)?
How can we learn the meaning of modern expressions like these? In a dictionary, right? pp Multisource political news,world news, and entertainment news analysis by
What do you think - should these words/expressions be placed in a dictionary? Chillax! [Chill and Relax] If things continue the way they do, this will be normal, not something new.

There is no price for advice

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Are you open?

This post I fully endorse.

Sometimes we have to stop and think about how we see things and about where we are standing.

Changing our sunglasses or the vantage point we have makes a helluva difference.

How can we talk about change when we are quick to criticize what we think is different?

How can we talk about innovation when we do things in the same old way? I won't say anymore.

Click on the question for more.

Are you open?

Maximizing your English

When do we stop learning a language?
How can I keep my English from getting rusty?
TeaTime Video [No Subs] from Lingua Group on Vimeo.
Introducing a new website resource to help students keep their language afresh and be exposed to a wide range of English speaking sources and varieties.

This is a must in an ever global world where pronunciation and vocabulary are two areas of English that most suffer changes at an incredible pace.
This site seems like a good start, but I am sure there are endless possibilities and tools - online or offline - for anyone who wants to continue studying.
What's your favorite website for English input? How do you keep your English up to date?