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Are you open?

This post I fully endorse.

Sometimes we have to stop and think about how we see things and about where we are standing.

Changing our sunglasses or the vantage point we have makes a helluva difference.

How can we talk about change when we are quick to criticize what we think is different?

How can we talk about innovation when we do things in the same old way? I won't say anymore.

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Are you open?

Maximizing your English

When do we stop learning a language?
How can I keep my English from getting rusty?
TeaTime Video [No Subs] from Lingua Group on Vimeo.
Introducing a new website resource to help students keep their language afresh and be exposed to a wide range of English speaking sources and varieties.

This is a must in an ever global world where pronunciation and vocabulary are two areas of English that most suffer changes at an incredible pace.
This site seems like a good start, but I am sure there are endless possibilities and tools - online or offline - for anyone who wants to continue studying.
What's your favorite website for English input? How do you keep your English up to date?