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More exports, more jobs

US President Barack Obama is winding up his visit to Brazil, but the video above shows President Obama's plans and the reasons for his visit.

Brazilian news channels, economic and political insitutions have high expectations for this visit. They expect more access to US markets by means of fewer tariffs.

But what is Obama's goal in one word?


Jobs for the American people. How?


In his own words, "the more we sell overseas, the more jobs we create on our shores".

How does this benefit Brazil? Can you complete the sentence - the more Brazil imports, ...
The story in numbersWatch the video to complete the sentences:1. Every $1 billion of goods the US exports supports more than .......... jobs back home2. President Obama plans to double exports by the year ..........3. The US exports ....... times as much to Latin America as it does to China.4. In ....., American exports to Brazil supported more than .................. American jobs.5. Since 2004, exports to Chile are…