Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Solidarity is such a lonely word


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The post below was written by student Angela Oliveira:

The struggle for surviving in this material world has made us all selfish and closed us in to ourselves. It´s time for all of us to sympathize with the Japanese people's pain, to pray for the victims and offer them our solidarity.

Learning from the tragedy:

Are you familiar with these words and expressions?

  • radioactive leaks
  • nuclear powerplants
  • epicenter
  • rescue teams
  • cold front
  • scarcity
  • chronicle of the earthquake
  • massive quake
  • magnitude
  • seismic information
  • gas valve
  • hot springs
  • tornado
  • hurricane
  • volcanic eruption
  • landslide
  • tsunami
  • tidal wave

If you're not familiar with these words, learn this one more than anything else:


How can we show solidarity to people who are suffering on the other side of the planet? What can we do except send postive vibrations for the Japanese to get back on their feet again?