Sunday, March 6, 2011


What's the best thing about learning a language?

  1. learning about the culture of its speakers
  2. being able to understand native speakers
  3. knowing how to write in the language
  4. knowing how to read texts written in the language
  5. being able to pronounce all the sounds and speak clearly

The second option is probably one of the most difficult. What's more, not always do students get the chance to meet a native speaker and ask him/her questions. Even in an era of globalization and social media proliferation, the opportunities to really use English for most students are very scarce.

So last Wednesday, when a Canadian friend paid my students a visit during our class, this was the chance.

Dani talked about himself, about his hometown Toronto and his country Canada.

He answered questions about his travels, about Brazil, about learning a language

And best of all, he gave the best advice for ALL language students:


According to him, the secret to success in speaking a language is NOT to be afraid to make mistakes, NOT to worry if the sentences are "grammatically" correct. We have to take risks without fear.


Do you agree with Dani? What is the secret to language learning success?