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Anybody, somebody, someone, anyone!

There are so many songs we can think of with the combinations any, some and no. Here are just a few to prove my point:

Help I need somebody, help! Not just anybody, help! (the Beatles)

Nothing compares to you. (Sinead O'Connor)

Nobody does it better. (Carly Simon)

I just need somebody to love. (Justin Bieber)

Somewhere I belong (Linkin Park)

But there is one that I particularly like:

How would you complete these sentences?
I’d never marry anybody who ...

I need something which ...

Nowhere in the world is better than ...

Nobody knows ...

I’d love to meet somebody who ...

I’ve never been to a country where ...

Oscar 2011- The Black Swan- You can't miss it

Here's an interesting review done by a student Angela about one of the films running for Best Picture:

Summing up, the Black Swan is a psychological thriller about a ballet dancer, Nina, who was pure and angelic, perfect to perform the role of the white swam. But the director wanted an actress able to perform both roles : the white swam and the black one. ( The story was based on the Swan Lake the ballet opera from Tchaikovsky???) Then, Nina began an internal and external journey in search of her dark side.
It's provocative because the film structure is similar to James Joyce's style ( The stream of unconsciousness).
In order to understand the story, the spectator has to reorganize the story which is narrated in flashbacks and flashfowards.
It’s a complete fusion between fantasy and reality what makes the film interesting and provocative.
Competition ,the desire of going beyond limits and being perfect are some of the dramatic cells of the narrative.
What else?
Visual hallucinati…

Oscar 2011- Advanced movie vocabulary

It's the final week before the big night - when we discover the winners, the losers, the surprises and confirmations of the awards related to the magical world of movies.

Sometimes when we have to talk about films and give our opinions about them, the vocabulary is limited to "It's a great movie" and "I thought it was ok" "I loved ... (name of actor/actress).

How about being more specific? Take a look at this text and complete with the words in bold:

Screenplay Credits Location Editing List

Studio Dubbed Director Special effects Played

Soundtrack Stunts Crew Shot/Scene Subtitles

In a movie, the names of the stars, the producers, the person who wrote the (1) …....... and the (2) …....... are given in the opening (3)…..…....., but you have to wait till the end to see the complete (4) …........ of characters and the actors who (5) .......... them-- and the name of every individual member of the film (6) ......... Some films are shot in a (7) .........., other…